Your Solution to
       Micro Cap Investing

At Accredited Members, Inc. (AMI), we believe a balanced and diversified portfolio is the key to a strong, stable and consistent return on investment.  We believe that in order to handily outperform the averages, an allocation of between 5% and 10% of most portfolios should be in well-researched micro cap stocks.

Our job is to aggressively search for, research and, in the end, uncover those companies poised to become extraordinary. The winners are difficult to discover, as many times these stocks have been passed up or overlooked. Sometimes these companies have complex issues that take time to understand.

The fact is this is not an easy task. That is why it takes an experienced team with a proven track record of success to diligently pursue tomorrow's technologies, the next big energy find and the future milestones in medicine.

AMI is an independent investment research firm and a leading publisher of information and research about small and micro cap companies.  AMI provides monthly research reports for its members and hosts world class investment conferences that give emerging companies and high net worth individuals an opportunity to meet each other and network in a comfortable and business-focused setting.